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With Whom We Work

BY: Fabretto

In 2017, by working with the entire community, including teachers and parents, Fabretto was able to benefit 31,091 underserved students in Nicaragua. Our inclusive educational approach cultivates knowledge-rich environments to help at-risk students thrive. A list of community members with whom we work to achieve our goal is provided below.

2,573 PARENTS like Petrona & Jacobo:



“We get involved and we both work equally. That is the best example we can set for our children.” – Petrona


1,058 TEACHERS like Yolanda:



“I know that with something as simple as teaching children to hold a pencil, I am helping them move forward in life.” – Yolanda


26,838 CHILDREN like Maria:



Before, I was ashamed and did not want to talk to anyone, but now I have many dreams.” – Maria


4,253 YOUTH like Ever:



“The bees have taught me a lot because they work together for the good of the whole community.” – Ever



Read our full 2017 Annual Report:

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