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The Power of Partnerships – Annual Report 2023

BY: Grethel Halftermeyer


Reflecting on the milestones of 2023, we can see the profound impact our collaborative efforts with our partners have marked in the countries we serve. Building upon the foundations laid in 2022, where we joined hands with ACOES and BAYAN, two remarkable organizations in Honduras, we have since expanded our work to serve alongside seven organizations dedicated to serving children and youth in the communities of Honduras and Guatemala.

We believe in the power of these partnerships and have discovered that the possibilities are limitless when we unite under a shared mission. In collaboration with one of our partners in Honduras, we have grown our Sponsorship Program, extending support to 119 sponsored children across six schools. Additionally, our partnerships with local organizations have led us to collaborate to strengthen youth development through technical training courses and integrating technology into rural education, enriching the lives of more than 1,800 students. Furthermore, we have empowered 245 teachers through specialized training initiatives, improving the quality of education in remote communities.

Drawing upon our expertise in providing school meals, we introduced fortified meals in partner schools, delivering 2.9 million healthy meals to more than 8,000 children.

We envision these partnerships flourishing in future years. Through our collective efforts and your fantastic support, we anticipate witnessing the transformative impact on underserved communities and families throughout Central America as they thrive through access to quality education and nutrition.

Kevin Marinacci,
Fabretto CEO

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