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To support our mission, Fabretto has established legally incorporated non-profit organizations: Asociación Familia Padre Fabretto in Nicaragua, Fabretto Children’s Foundation in the United States of America, Fundación Fabretto in Spain, and the UK Charitable Trust in the United Kingdom. All offices in the United States and Europe focus their efforts on fundraising for Fabretto education programs executed in Nicaragua.


Central America’s largest country is a land of untouched beauty, home to friendly people, and rich in natural resources; yet poverty is written across its landscape. Nicaragua is the poorest Spanish-speaking country in the world. Fabretto targets the most underserved communities, where families struggle to break the cycle of chronic poverty in the departments of Managua, Masaya, Granada, Chinandega, Estelí, Madriz, Nueva Segovia, Rivas, and RACCS.

Our History

The Fabretto story began in 1948, when the Salesian missionary Rev. Rafael Maria Fabretto left his hometown of Vicenza (Venice Region), Italy, and journeyed to Nicaragua. Father Fabretto, quick to immerse himself in the local community, was deeply moved by the plight of the impoverished children he encountered. Before long, he had founded a group of children’s homes – which he referred to as the “Oratorios” – in the rugged countryside of northern Nicaragua.

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