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Volunteer Special: Charlotte from Canada

BY: Antonella Saravia


Fabretto volunteers come from all over the world. In a recent visit from The Marist Brothers, the Estelí Center was lucky enough to have Charlotte from Canada. 

Charlotte is 24 years old and was delighted to co-lead a group of volunteers to Nicaragua this summer. “I came last year, and felt fortunate to be able to be part of the team visiting this year,” she says, later confessing that this is her third time in Nicaragua. “I love the Latin American culture.”

Her group is volunteering with Fabretto in the Northern region of Nicaragua. “There is a strong sense of community in all the Fabretto Centers that I have visited. The teachers are extremely passionate and involved not only with the children but with the parents as well. I’ve spoken to the staff on separate occasions, and they are all looking for more ways to get involved and make more of a difference.”

Charlotte and her team are serving as teacher assistants, supporting primary students in their learning process. They enjoy spending time with the children, offering whatever assistance they can to motivate students and their parents.

In Nicaragua, of the students who begin 1st grade, just 57% reach the 6th grade on time. Although poverty is the primary driver of school drop-out, parents play an important role in the decision making process. As a response, Fabretto promotes parent engagement through meetings, workshops, and volunteer activities at school. Charlotte has participated in meetings with parents whose children were absent at school, as a means to improve student performance. “You feel a huge sense of purpose here and Fabretto does a great job of creating a two-way dialogue between the center and the community.”

We are grateful for our committed volunteers who contribute to our mission. Each one of them, embodies what it means to be a true change-maker.

Want to inspire change in Nicaragua? Volunteer with us! 


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