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Taking care of Mother Earth

BY: Beatriz Soto


During the last two weeks of April, 26 schools sponsored by the Nutriendo el Futuroproject celebrated Earth Day with a series of activities which included student marches, the elaboration of murals and models, artistic presentations and school garden maintenance.

During this celebration, the students dressed up as trees and flowers and created acrostics related to the care of the environment and natural resources. “The students prepared a beautiful space to reflect on the importance of caring for the earth,” said Professor Manuel Ordóñez, Director of the Andrés Castro School in Chinandega.



Students from the Dirita schools of Ticuantepe and Rafaela Herrera in Chinandega presented a play named “Conociéndome, te conoceré,” created by teacher Rita Reyes, with a message about how all the elements, when cared for by humans, turn into peace and harmony.

In addition, teachers and students devoted a little more time to the maintenance of the school garden, where they grow tomatoes, green peppers, onions, eggplant, bean, corn, and aromatic and medicinal plants, to add to their school snacks. “This is a clear example of how nature helps us in return when we take care of it. It provides us with food,” explains Jacob Duarte, specialist of agrifood chains of the project.

The “Nutriendo el Futuro” Project is a Corporate Social Responsibility initiative of Cargill in partnership with CARE International and executed in Nicaragua by Fabretto Foundation, serving approximately 6,200 students from the cities of Ticuantepe, Nindirí, Masaya, Tipitapa, Chinandega, and Chichigalpa.

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