6-28-21  |  Partnership Success

Rebuilding together

BY: Fabretto

The river that runs near Rosa’s house in the municipality of Nancimí, Rivas, destroyed everything in its path, leaving her family homeless. The place she had always called home disappeared within minutes with the intense currents caused by hurricanes Eta and Iota.

The strength of a hurricane was something Rosa’s family had never experienced. “It was terrifying,” she recalls, but she was not alone. “The day after the hurricane, as soon as my phone got a signal, I had many missed calls from people at Fabretto asking how we were and how they could help.”

Rosa Inés graduated with a degree in Social Sciences in 2020, a dream she was able to achieve thanks to the support of the Ezulwini Foundation, a committed Fabretto partner that has supported university scholarships in this area for many years. However, the foundation’s support did not end there. As soon as Ezulwini heard about the emergency situation, they responded by sending cleaning supplies, hygiene items, and materials to rebuild Rosa’s home and others.

“They gave us all the things we needed right away. Even my grandmother was shocked, saying that God does wonders and works miracles. Despite losing everything during the hurricane, we got back most of it thanks to the Fabretto family and Ezulwini.”.

Rosa was one of the beneficiaries during Phase I of our emergency campaign, but our efforts to support the communities affected by the hurricanes have not subsided and we are aware that it will take months, even years, for some of these communities to rebuild.

Would you like to partner with Fabretto during Phase II of the hurricane relief campaign?

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