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New Project Granted from ADEY Foundation

BY: Fabretto

The ADEY Foundation granted Fabretto Children’s Foundation with €30,000 from the 3rd Call for the 2022 Social Action and Development Cooperation to implement the Social Prevention Project in children and youth from the poorest areas of Tegucigalpa through an inclusive education program with our local partner, ACOES. During 2023 Fabretto will guarantee access to education with equity for 228 girls, boys, and youth between the ages of 6 and 15 who live below the poverty line in the marginal neighborhoods of “La Peña” and “La Travesía” from Tegucigalpa in Honduras, as well as necessary compensatory actions at the nutritional, health and emotional level to continue alleviating their lack of opportunities and reducing social risk.

In the first semester of project execution, Fabretto and its partner have made the following achievements:
  • It has been guaranteed that 93% of children and adolescents can have the opportunity to continue their studies and broaden their knowledge in all aspects.
  • 80% of the beneficiaries attended the support and reinforcement classes weekly. In this sense, more than 85% are expected to pass the school year and move on to the next academic grade with the support of educators and their families’ commitment.
  • 100% of the beneficiaries who daily attend the “San Francisco de Asís” and the “San Ignacio” centers have received school meals. More than 15,000 snacks and school lunches have been delivered to date. More than 90% of the beneficiaries who were identified with malnutrition problems or risk thereof are expected to improve their nutritional status.
  • Also, 44% of the families have participated in four talks and workshops to motivate them to take responsibility for their children’s education, learn about respectful parenting, and study techniques at home. It is estimated that this percentage will continue to increase, improving the involvement of families in the school process of their children.
  • On the other hand, it is estimated that more than 60% of children and youth with learning difficulties or problems identified through the school diagnosis manage to overcome their academic challenges and improve their learning process.

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