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Persevering Through the Stages of Development

BY: Fabretto

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Fabretto’s three strategic educational programs, Early Education, Primary Education, and Technical Vocational Education, embrace and support the three main stages of life in child development: infancy, childhood, and adolescence. Although 2019 was wrought with challenges, it was also filled with opportunities and achievements for Fabretto’s programs in Nicaragua. The following are only a few of these achievements.


By providing children ages 0-6 with the attention, stimulation, and nutrition they need to succeed at the primary level and beyond, they can develop the personal and social skills that will allow them to build awareness of their existence as independent members of a family, a community, and one world.

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In 2019


288 children 0-3 years old participated in early stimulation programs

177 parents were trained in early stimulation development

10,534 children 3-6 years old enrolled in preschool education with a 100% retention rate

156 preschool teachers were trained in innovative methodologies


Fabretto’s Primary Education program provides children from underserved communities with personalized, age-appropriate educational enrichment to help them develop skills like literacy, logical-mathematical reasoning, and critical and creative thinking. Through access to quality complementary education, in 2019, more children came closer to reaching their full potential.

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In 2019


42,191 children enrolled in primary education programs with a 98% retention rate

254 teachers strengthened their skills in the teaching-learning processes of reading and writing

2,577 were parents trained in health, nutrition, and education


Fabretto empowers youth and their families with the necessary skills to develop and sustain their livelihoods. The “learning by doing” and “learning by earning” approach links them with the world of labor, value chain markets, technological progress, and community development processes.

Young man picking bell peppers inside a greenhouse.
In 2019


1,923 youth benefited from technical/vocational education

180 youth enrolled in the English Access Microscholarship program

1,352 youth enrolled in technical agricultural education (SAT and SATec)

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