11-26-15  |  Success Story

Engel is on His Way to a Brighter Future

BY: Virginia Daboub

Engel, like an experienced artist, spreads his crayons over the table. His hands tainted in dry paint, brushes the dust off of the paper. “Can I use any color I like?” asks the young artist, as he organizes the crayons.

Engel is 13 years old; at his age he is already a young artist entrepreneur. Engel is from Acahualinca, one of Managua’s most poverty stricken areas, which is also best-known for being the home of one of Central America’s biggest landfills. Since the age of 8, Engel has been under the care of Fabretto’s educational program. His family tries to survive off of an income of less than $2 a day.

“I like to attend Fabretto because I want to develop my creativity, and reinforce  my studies” he explains eloquently.  During the last few years, his professors have seen him grow into the artist he is today.  Thanks to Fabretto, Engel has been able to find his vocaction, one which has helped him fine tune his passion for handmade jewlery  and better his sense of business. Some of Engels works have already been sold in local fairs and conventions.  Engel knows that his passion for art and creativity will go hand in hand with his dream of becoming a recognized engineer.

The school year has just ended and Engel is ecstatic to have completed 8th grade. In Nicaragua, only 50% of youth (13-19 years old) are enrolled in secondary education. The statistics are staggering and are more of  a reason to celebrate Engels enthusiasm and accomplishments.  He is ready to conquer the world hands on!

“During this holiday season, my family and I plan to share our Christmas dinner with our neighbors… I am grateful for all that I have and all that I’ve accomplished” Engel expresses with joy.

Join Fabretto. Our goal is that more adolescents like Engel break the cycle of poverty through quality education. You can brighten their future. Donate today. 

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