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Empowering Indigenous Youth in the Mayan Caribbean

BY: Fabretto

We are pleased to announce a new valuable relationship with our partners in Guatemala, who share a common passion for strengthening the education of indigenous people with youth empowerment and employability as a focal point, especially indigenous women.

Ak’ Tenamit and Fabretto staff

During our visit to Ak’ Tenamit and Talita Kumi, we witnessed the impressive, comprehensive development of the indigenous youth of the Mayan Caribbean. In the middle of the Río Dulce canyon and the high mountains of Izabal, we could appreciate their love for nature and the conservation of an extraordinary culture. It warms our hearts to know that living practices of community service and social justice exalt indigenous women’s fundamental and highly valued roles.

Ak’ Tenamit and Talita Kumi have been a beacon of hope for indigenous communities for years. Their focus on strengthening education through innovative programs and creating opportunities has resulted in admirable achievements, such as improving the overall quality of life for disadvantaged people.

With the support of Fabretto, strengthening the educational initiatives of Ak’ Tenamit and Talita Kumi marks the beginning of an exciting chapter in the perseverance for inclusive and quality education for the indigenous people of Guatemala. Through their resources, knowledge, and shared passion, these three organizations are prepared to tackle more significant challenges and build a legacy of lasting impact.

AK’ Tenamit is an organization with 30 years of experience that promotes high-impact educational projects that rescue the cultural identity of the indigenous people of Guatemala. They promote the livelihoods of indigenous communities in harmony with their worldviews and environmental conservation.

The organization operates two educational centers for technical training and career preparation for young people. They are experienced in Sustainable Tourism and Community Development, having positively impacted 10 departments of Guatemala and over 200 communities.

Talita Kumi has an inspiring career in the education and development of the indigenous Mayan Q’eqchí communities. Her focus on promoting gender equality and empowering indigenous women has helped break down barriers and open doors that lead to a future of more significant opportunities.

The organization serves over 1,600 indigenous young people annually in 4 educational centers. They offer comprehensive training with a personal and spiritual growth philosophy that allows youth to empower themselves and break the paradigms of poverty.

Fabretto contributes substantially to the development of digital education initiatives in Talita Kumi. 19 teachers from disciplinary areas have been trained in the pedagogical use of open digital resources from the Kolibri platform to contribute to developing STEM capabilities for girls. $10,000 has also been donated to strengthen the technological equipment in the educational center located in Chisec, whose student population includes 199 indigenous girls.

In a world where education is the foundation of social transformation, Ak’ Tenamit and Talita Kumi have proven to be actual agents of change. As they move forward together in this partnership with Fabretto, we hope their efforts inspire others and continue to shine as notable examples of how collaboration can drive meaningful change in Indigenous communities and society.

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