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Strengthening Child Nutrition in Honduras

BY: Fabretto

In the first months of 2023, we collaborated with our local partner ACOES to improve child nutrition by strengthening the school meals program at 45 schools and education centers across Honduras.

Why Nutrition in Honduras?

In Honduras, 23% of children are stunted due to malnutrition, and iron deficiency affects at least 30% of children. In the communities with the highest poverty rates, these rates are estimated to be almost double the national average. Food insecurity is driven by poverty, and the children at ACOES schools do not have access to nutritious foods in their homes to provide them with the essential vitamins and minerals for healthy growth and development.

We know that school meals are a huge pull factor in getting children to enroll in and stay in school, especially in communities with high rates of food insecurity. A nutritious school lunch can enormously impact a child’s life.

Who & Where

Our partner, ACOES, runs schools in high-poverty barrios of Tegucigalpa, the capital city, and in rural communities where no other organizations are present. 

45 ACOES centers serve hot meals each day, for an average of 7,000 school lunches per day – meals that improve the students’ diets and ensure that children and youth attend school daily.

What We’re Doing

Fabretto is helping ACOES strengthen its school meals program by:

  • Introducing fortified rice and soy to the school meals program. Since January 2023, we worked together with our U.S.-based partner FMSC to ship 3 containers of rice and soy – over 600,000 meals – to Honduras and deliver the products to ACOES school kitchens.
  • Share nutritious and culturally-adapted recipes. Using recipes developed in our Nicaragua programs, Fabretto printed original recipe books and donated them to 30 school kitchens. 
  • Train school cooks. Fabretto liaised with local nonprofit CEPUDO to connect ACOES school cooks to training. In the CEPUDO training sessions, cooks and volunteers at each ACOES school learned how to prepare rice and soy for the school meals program.

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