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Becoming Video Game Creators and Story Engineers

BY: Fabretto

One of the Fabretto student beneficiaries at the Acahualinca Education Center

Fabretto, in collaboration with Level Up Village, is developing alternative education courses to strengthen our Educational Enrichment Program. Students at the Fabretto Center in Acahualinca, Managua, are learning to use MIT-designed software, Scratch, to design video games. Thanks to this platform, children can create their own animations, change colors, include sounds, etc., through fast and easy steps.

Through this partnership, students in the United States and Nicaragua are establishing connections through videos, both to learn more about their experience with the course and to exchange cultural questions and knowledge on topics of interest.

blog_IMG4Student beneficiary taking advantage of the Video Game course offered at the Acahualinca Education Center.

Fabretto’s Education center in Somoto has also benefitted from this project. In this center, students are taking part in a “Story Engineering” course. In order to promote reading with primary school students, children read popular stories from all over the world (e.g. Jabuti the Turtle, Strega Nona, Zomo and Mono) and design new solutions to help the characters solve the problems that arise. Through literature and creative thinking, the children engineer ways to construct and represent characters and solutions from a particular story in a more tangible way. Students have shown their creativity by using recyclable and waste materials for their projects. In addition, they communicate with students in the United States by exchanging videos showing off their work and by asking each other questions about their projects and their cultures.

blog_IMG2Somoto students show off their robots made from recyclable materials.

Fabretto continues to promote innovative methodologies that directly impact the education and development of our children. Thanks to our teachers, who take ownership of these initiatives and convey their knowledge and enthusiasm, students become interested in acquiring new knowledge, develop their creativity, and stay motivated.

Students present construction projects made from spaghetti and marshmallows.

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