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We Value Teachers: World Teacher’s Day 2016

BY: Anina Hewey


Pedro with some of his 1st and 2nd grade students

“Because he’s a really kind person.”
“Because he teaches me how to read.”
“Because I get to dance and play games in school.”
“Because he gives me books to read in class.”
“Because he’s always happy and fun!”

These are just a few of the reasons that the 1st and 2nd graders in El Carrizo appreciate their teacher, Pedro.

Pedro’s students know how important his work is, but unfortunately, too many teachers in Nicaragua and around the world are not granted the status they deserve. The theme of the 2016 UNESCO World Teacher’s Day in “Valuing Teachers, Improving Their Status.” On October 5th, global education organizations are sending an important message: raising the status of teachers is essential to improving education quality.

We know that teachers like Pedro are the driving force behind Fabretto’s mission, and on World Teacher’s Day, we take the time to join their students in thanking them for their work.

Like many of Fabretto’s teachers, Pedro is dedicated to his work. He has six years of experience in the classroom—at one point, he taught all six primary grades in a single classroom. Currently, Pedro is a Fabretto primary enrichment teacher in El Carrizo, a small rural community in northern Nicaragua. The community’s educational resources are scarce, but with Pedro’s support, his students are developing foundational literacy and math skills. He also knows how to motivate his students by making sure that class time includes fun activities like educational songs and games.


Pedro & his class singing a song together

The role of teachers in community development cannot be underestimated. At our Education Centers, teachers are community leaders who work with children, youth, families, and community members to ensure that their students reach their full potential.

That’s why Fabretto invests in teachers. To ensure that Nicaraguan teachers get the support they need, Fabretto offers professional development opportunities, training, follow-up visits, and peer teacher networks. Through our “train-the-trainer” approach, we are able to reach teachers in some of the most remote, rural communities in the country.

Fabretto’s Teacher Training in 2015:

Teacher's infographic

Click here to read more about Fabretto’s LEGO Foundation teacher training initiative.


This World Teacher’s Day, share your support for teachers! Tag your favorite teachers and mentors to show them how much you value their work.

To donate to support Nicaraguan teachers, click here.

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