8-16-16  |  Our Programs Success Story

New eyeglasses for the children in San Juan de Oriente!

BY: Diana Corrales

Niños con anteojos

Students from San Juan de Oriente Center wearing their new eyeglasses

This month, the power of partnerships was manifested in the lives of children with vision limitations from Fabretto’s newest Education Center in San Juan de Oriente. Thanks to a partnership between Coastal’s Change The View, and a local Nicaraguan company, Opticas Visión, children received their very first eyeglasses and even got to choose their own frames!

Fabretto and Coastal partnered to identify students who struggle to learn with blurred vision. Ultimately, 73 children received complimentary eye examinations thanks to Opticas Visión. Of those, 40 children under 16 years old who had never had their vision screened required eyeglasses. The excitement was evident in the faces of the children and parents. Most families in San Juan de Oriente live on less than $2 a day – a pair of eyeglasses is a luxury they cannot afford.


Celia’s son receives a new pair of eyeglasses at Fabretto’s San Juan de Oriente Education Center.

”I was never able to bring my child to an eye doctor. I can’t express how happy I am for my son.” commented Celia López, mother of one of the 40 student beneficiaries.

One by one, the students received a new pair of eyeglasses, accompanied by their proud parents. This donation has changed the lives of these children for the better, improving their reading skills and overall performance at school.

Thank you, Coastal and Opticas Visión, for being true change-makers!

About Coastal 

Coastal is the largest online eyewear company in the world with a mission to make vision correction accessible worldwide. Founded in 2000, Coastal offers the most extensive selection of prescription eyeglasses, contact lenses and sunglasses.

Change the View is Costal’s charitable initiative aimed at removing barriers to vision correction and health by donating prescription eyeglasses to restore vision, providing UV protective sunglasses to protect from sight deteriorating UV rays, distributing Vitamin A tablets to prevent the early onset of eye disease in children, sharing educational resources and facilitating optical training to aid with long-term and sustainable solution.

If you’d like to support children’s education in Education Centers like San Juan de Oriente, please consider making a donation today.

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