Leadership Impact


Abby Stone
Ajay Patel
Alex and Pam Stadthagen
Alexandra and Gonzalo Garcia
America’s Best Local Charities
Ana Maria Vanderghem Zapata
Andre Meade
Andrew and Julie Ray
Andrew H. Previti Charitable Fund, Inc
Andrew Maner
Angela Alvarez
Angels with a Mission Foundation Inc
Arthur and Anne McGivern
Barbara Phelan
Barton and Cuc Ford
Ben Powell and Shauna Steele
Benjamin and Rebecca Kirshner
Beth M. Knobbe
Bette Kim
Bhavin Trivedi
Bill and Carolyn Glastris
Bill Harvey and Jill Arkwright
Bochnowski Family Fund
Brian A. and Cathy Porto
Brian Scanlan and Cynthia Chang
Bronwyn Poole and Peter Schmitz
Capital Sea LLC
Cargill Incorporated
Carl Marinacci and Barbara Phelan
Carlos and Nancy Mayorga
Carlos and Luvi Wheelock
Carlos Osorio
Carol Kim
Carolina Jannicelli
Carrie A. Manahan
Cathy Shaw
Cecilia Mullen
Charles Gross and Jill Heaton Gross
Charles H & Beverly E Shaw Foundation
Chris Chang
Christopher and Joy Silveri
Christopher Mitchell
Christopher Onorato
Christopher Pickering
Christopher Todd Winkler
Craig A. Roeder and Mimi Muller Roeder
Cross Catholic Outreach
D. Blake and Patrice Haider
Danielle Mahoney
David and Anne Marie Potts
David and Meredith Ficca
David Barnard
David Beam
David Miller
David Rutchik and Selwa Masri-Rutchik
David Shaw
Dawn and Jim Eber
Denis L. Heyck
Dennis and Theresa Cesar
Dewine Family Foundation Inc.
Dr. Ramon and Evelyn Miro
Ed and Teresa Paquette
Edward and Kelly Chestnut
Edward and Sara Keller
Elaine T. and Kevin Cox
Enrico and Linda Della Corna
Eric Braitmayer
Erica Sietsma
Eser Ozdeger
Everardo De Armas
Ezulwini Foundation Inc.
Father Kevin Feeney
Feed My Starving Children
FHI 360
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Fillan and Michael Grady
Fitzgerald’s Lakeforest Toyota
Flutemaker Ministries Inc
Fran Lamantia
Francis Rienzo
Frank and Alexis Wittkampf
Frank and Karen Rosales
G. Carl Ball Family Foundation
Geoffrey Morrell
George Gallate
Gerardo Beeck
Glenn Grismere
Gordon and Karen Graham
Gordon Trousdale

Gray Family Foundation
Greater Houston Community Foundation
Greater Washington Community Foundation
Harry and Julie Kraemer
Harry Lengsfield and Madlen Dorosh
Helen V. Brach Foundation
Henry E. Niles Foundation, Inc.
Herbert Botwinick Fitzgibbon II
Herta Bernhard
Hollister Incorporated
Ian and Manon Knox
Inca Gringo
Indus Capital Partners, LLC.
Inter-American Foundation
International Community Foundation
J.P. Morgan Charitable Giving Fund
J.P. Morgan Chase Foundation
James and Mason Lord
Jamie and Edward Hull
Janet McDaniel
Javier Beeck
Jeff Mullen
Jenny Everett
Jere and Carol Overdyke
Jim and Ellen Dalton
Jim Hoy
Joan and Neville Lombardi
John and Colleen Salazar
John and Jean McBride Greene
John and Stephanie Hitt
John Coyle
John Manley
Jon Schindler
Jonathan and Mindy Gray
Journey Charitable Foundation
JPMorgan Chase & Co
Juan Carlos and Cristina
Julie Ho
Julio Mondragon
Justin DeAngelis
Justin Smith
Kemme Family Foundation
Ken and Marilyn Cole
Kenneth and Linda Mortenson
Kent and Sandy Carson
Kevin and Olga Mahoney
Kingsberg Foundation
Kleeman Family Fund
Kretek International Inc
Kristina and Bartlett Hewey
Kyle Kenney
Lee Ann Hoover
Leigh and Ziv Lalich
Linda Osika
Lindsey Joelle Miller Memorial Fund
Lost Coast Roast
Loyola Academy
Margaret Dorn
Maria Magdalena Klima
Marion Cappuccilli
Mark Bernhard
Martin and Lizelle Green
Martin Mayorga
Mary Burke
Mary McGovern
Matthew and Alisha Fox
Maud and Juan Carlos Iturregui
Meghan and Daniel Burns
Melissa Hewey
Michael and Elizabeth Keeler
Michael Callahan
Michael Sotirhos
Michelle Sheehy
Mimi Shea
Mitch Chaney
Moira McBride Murphy Gift Fund
Moira Murphy
Monte Ten Kley
Montgomery and Annie Woods
Nestor A. Plasencia
Nicholas Yepes
Nicolas and Lori Marinacci
Nicolas Marinacci
Noah Zandan
Norbert and Jo Ann Budde
North Country Mission Of Hope
Old Saint Patrick’s Church
Otto Aldana & Michael Bland
Pacific Management, Inc.
Patricia Aragones

Patrick and Susan Keefe
Patrick and Susan Keefe Family Foundation
Patrick Hartney
Paul Zelus
Paul and Jeanette Arends
PayPal Giving Fund
Peale Foundation
Pedro and Adela Alvarez
Peter and Claire Caragher
Philip and Mary Erdoes
Philip Inglima and Elizabeth Wieser
Phillips & King International Inc
Procter & Gamble
Proyecto 505
Pulte Family Charitable
Ralph and JJ Allen
Ramon and Eugenia Miro
Regina Previti
Reignworks Foundation Limited
Reynolds Charitable Foundation
Richard and Christine Strasser
Richard Bryan
Robert and Deliah Wiedenfeld
Robert and Janet Groh
Robert and Kathy Johnson
Rodrigo and Daniela Garcia-Huidobro
Roger and Shirley Icabalceta
Roger Sant
Rotunda Software
Samantha Chadwick
Sarah Tarditi Gallagher Memorial Fund
Schwab Charitable Fund
Scott Overdyke and Deanna Ford
Sean and Jennifer Cunningham
Sean and Stacia Todd
Sean Foley
Shaun Pandit
Stephen and Lisa Schafer
Stephen Mueller
Steve and Katie O’Bryan
Steven Ploof and Jaqueline Reid Ploof
Summit Foundation
Susan Martin
Syde Hurdus Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Sylvester and Vicki Schieber
The Baltimore Life Insurance Company
The Bartimaeus Foundation Inc
The Bill and Cynthia Tessien Charitable Fund
The Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation
The Cellini Family Fund Trust
The George A. Long Foundation
The Greater Cincinnati Foundation
The Karina Foundation
The Kettering Family Foundation
The Mathile Institute for the Advancement for Human Nutrition
The Mortenson Family Foundation
The New York Community Trust
The Palmer Foundation
The Patricia Price Peterson Foundation
The Pickering Family Charitable Foundation
The T. Rowe Price Program for Charitable Giving, Inc.
The Teti Family Fund of the Community Foundation of New Jersey
The Tinker Foundation, Inc
The U.S. Charitable Gift Trust®
Thomas Cashman
Thomas Monahan and Karen McKenna
Tim and Charlene Peterson
Tim and Deneen Brennan
Tin Roof Foundation Inc.
Torres Family Fund
True Understanding, Inc
Tully Giving Fund
United States Conference of Catholic Bishops
Vanguard Charitable
Warren and Catherine Guthrie
Wendy Blandon
Wendy’s Legacy
William and Donna Baumgardt
William Bunker and Joanne Kennedy
William Cellini Jr. and Carmen Cantarin
William Eisenbeis
Willie and Abby Lynn Itule
Willy and Analia Beeck
Xavier Castillo and Cathy Strafaci
Zach Morrison
Ziad Ojakli

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