Loyalty Circle – Cornerstone Members

6-9 years of consecutive giving

Abby Stone
Aidan Sheinberg
Alexis Wittkampf
Alexis Woods
Alvaro Duque-Estrada and Marcela Mayorga
Andrew Craig
Angela Alvarez
Angels with a Mission Foundation Inc
Antonio and Kristina Ludwig Challita
Benjamin and Rebecca Kirshner
Brian A. and Cathy Porto
Capital Sea LLC
Carlos and Brenda Gadea
Carlos and Luvi Wheelock
Chris Chang
Christopher and Joy Silveri
Christopher Onorato
Christopher Todd Winkler
D. Blake and Patrice Haider
Dahm Family Charitable Fund
Dan and Merrie Boone Foundation Inc
Dennis and Theresa Cesar
Dewine Family Foundation Inc.
Donald and Mary Kerwin
Eileen Miele and Paul Coppola
Ellen Jordan Reidy
Everardo De Armas
FHI 360
Frank and Karen Rosales
Frank Yocca
Glenn Grismere
Gordon Trousdale
Harry Lengsfield and Madlen Dorosh
Henry E. Niles Foundation, Inc.
Hollister Incorporated

James and Anne Meyer
James and Eileen Frueh
James and Mason Lord
Jeffrey and Allison DeCruz
Jenny Everett
Jere and Carol Overdyke
Jim Hoy
John and Jean McBride Greene
John and Stephanie Hitt
Jon Schindler
Joseph and Jan Feldman
Joseph Callahan
Juan Carlos and Cristina
Justin Smith
Kemme Family Foundation
Kevin and Olga Mahoney
Kevin Preloger and Katherine Buck
Kevin Ward
Kristina and Bartlett Hewey
Lake Street Church
Lisa Rickert
Loyola Academy
Luis Marin
Martin Mayorga
Mary Burke
Matthew and Alisha Fox
Maud and Juan Carlos Iturregui
Maybelline Lezama
Melissa Hewey
Mimi Shea
Mitch Chaney
Mitch Karsch
Mollie Richardson
Nadia and John Lauterbach
Nevin Shalit
Norbert and JoAnn Budde

Patrick Hartney
Paul Zelus
Paul Glastris
Peale Foundation
Pedro and Adela Alvarez
Philip Inglima and Elizabeth Wieser
Procter & Gamble
Ramon and Eugenia Miro
Rebecca and Robert Shaffer
Rebecca Kenyon
Reynolds Charitable Foundation
Robert and Bevinn Romaine
Robert and Janet Groh
Robert and Lynn Phelan
Samantha Chadwick
Sarah Tarditi Gallagher Memorial Fund
Steve and Katie O’Bryan
Terry and Robin Lineberger
The Baltimore Life Insurance Company
The Bill and Cynthia Tessien Charitable Fund
The Kettering Family Foundation
The Mathile Institute for the Advancement for Human Nutrition
The Mortenson Family Foundation
The New York Community Trust
The Teti Family Fund of the Community Foundation of New Jersey
The Tinker Foundation, Inc
Thomas Cashman
Tim and Charlene Peterson
Vanguard Charitable
William and Jeanne Reynolds
William George and Susan Ross
Willy and Analia Beeck

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