Child Sponsorship Program

Change a life through Child Sponsorship! As a Fabretto child sponsor, you can fight poverty in Central American communities while creating a lasting connection with a child. For just over $1 a day ($40/month), child sponsors provide an underprivileged child with quality education, nutrition, and a supportive community.

The Child Sponsorship Experience

How Sponsorship Works

Child sponsors provide access to essential life resources that make an enormous difference for children in impoverished communities. With your help, your sponsored child will have access to quality education and nutrition programs and a supportive school community. Our holistic approach means that Fabretto works closely with grassroots, on-the-ground NGO partners to deliver programming, as well as working together with children’s teachers and parents to create lasting change.

Becoming a Child Sponsor

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What You Can Do As a Sponsor

Write Letters

Communication between sponsors and children is encouraged to build a relationship. As part of the program, we’ll send you a Back to School Letter and a card with an updated photo each year. We encourage sponsors to write additional letters, as often as you choose. Sponsored children love hearing from you, and they will respond to any letters you send. Click here to write to your sponsored child.


You are welcome to visit your sponsored child! We encourage sponsors to make a personal connection with their sponsored child. Fabretto will coordinate with our on-the-ground partners to organize your visit. Contact us directly to plan your visit or to learn more.

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