Help us sponsor 800 children this year!

We need more people like you to change thousands of lives! By sharing your story and promoting sponsorship in your community, you can help us expand our reach and support more children in Nicaragua with life-changing education and nutrition programs. When you connect a new sponsor to our program, please ask them to mention your name as they enroll or you can inform us of the referral.
All Child Sponsorship Ambassadors will receive a special mention on our Annual Report and will be awarded different prizes depending on the number of new child sponsors recruited.

Ways to Participate

  •  Tell your story to your circle of influences by hosting a sponsorship party. Ask them to join you in supporting children in Nicaragua! More ideas.
  •  Email a friend a link to our page and share why you sponsor a child. You can use the form below.

Thank you for being an ambassador for children in Nicaragua!


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