Rural Secondary Education (SAT)

Fabretto recognizes access to secondary education as a basic human right. In 2007, Fabretto began to implement an innovative high-school program called SAT for its initials in Spanish (Sistema de Aprendizaje Tutorial) in remote rural communities. The SAT curriculum is built on four main pillars: mathematics, science, language & communication, and community service. Students also learn how to identify economic opportunities in their communities and develop small business initiatives (such as cash crops, beekeeping, raising chickens, etc.) through student-run cooperatives. The SAT program is an alternative secondary education program accredited by the Ministry of Education (MINED).

Program Initiatives:
  • Deliver quality secondary education with a “learning by doing” approach in underserved, rural communities
  • Promote community service through the SAT curriculum and conduct community clean-ups, repairs, and campaigns
  • Train specialized tutors in the SAT methodology
  • Develop student cooperatives that fund student initiatives
  • Organize internships and facilitate entrepreneurial efforts that have led to many successful student-operated, income generating businesses

Download the SAT Program brochure here.

Success Stories:

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