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Happy International Children’s Day!

BY: Anisha Pai

Happy International Children’s Day! There are so many reasons to celebrate children. They are the face of the future, and they are our sources of joy, hope, and inspiration. Perhaps the best trait which children have is their unique ability to dream big, and think without being confined by the limits of reality. It is through such creative thinking that the best ideas are born, and progress begins.

However, children can only dream big when their basic needs are being met. Unfortunately, there are children all over the world without regular access to nutritious food or quality education. In Nicaragua, malnutrition is a serious issue, and it is not possible for many parents to support their children’s education financially, or provide their children with learning support at home.

Let’s change this together. This Children’s Day, celebrate the dreams of the children in your life, and those of children across the globe. Donate to Fabretto, and help us empower underserved children in Nicaragua through education. You can be their hero.

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