General tips

  • Reflect. We want to hear your personal interpretation of Fabretto’s impact. Tell us about you and what made your experience unique.
  • Give us a glimpse. You don’t need to summarize your whole trip to Nicaragua or everything you know about Fabretto. Instead, focus on one story, person, conversation, or moment and tell your audience how it changed you.
  • Take us there. Details and description will help your reader live your experience as they read the story.
Need ideas? The following questions can help guide your response.

Since the goal is to share your story in a way that showcases your personal interpretation of the Fabretto’s impact, feel free to put things in your own words, change the order, or skip questions.

1. Introduce yourself
  • Share your full name and where you are from. This helps your audience connect with you.
  • Share the cultural/ emotional/ vocational perspective with which you identify to the cause.
  • Mention your state of mind before you began to become involved with Fabretto.
2. Your story
  • Tell your story – What was the most memorable moment of your time in Nicaragua or with Fabretto? Why?
  • You may want to tell us about an inspiring person. How did their story or your interactions with them move you?
3. Your Personal Growth
  • How did your opinion of Nicaragua change after your experience with Fabretto? What did you learn?
  • What actions are you taking now? (Donating, sharing experience with friends, sponsoring a child, volunteering, recruiting, etc.)
4. Make your call
  • Reflect on Fabretto’s initiative and its mission. This is a transition from your personal story to a message for your audience.
  • Let your audience know the action or position you would like them to take to help support Fabretto´s initiative. Use one of the following sentences or write your own:
    • Take part in Fabretto’s mission and spread the message of hope.
    • Please join Fabretto by becoming an ambassador for the children and sharing our story with others.

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