The San Juan de Oriente
Education Center


Located just 40 kilometers outside of the capital of Managua, the town of San Juan de Oriente is known for its beautiful handmade pottery. Walking through town feels like walking through a local market, filled with simple white adobe houses and colorful storefronts run by local artisans.

Founded by an American volunteer and later taken over by Fabretto, our San Juan de Oriente center started out as a small library in the heart of town. Today, it helps hundreds of children and families in this community.

The Zach Ciperski Library

In 2015, just a few months after Fabretto took over work in San Juan de Oriente, digital marketing agency Elite SEM (now Tinuiti) partnered with us to build a new library in memory of employee Zach Ciperski.

A huge supporter of Fabretto and other non-profit organizations, Zach passed away after a three-month battle with kidney cancer. Our library in San Juan de Oriente stands in his honor, helping hundreds of students grow a love of books and learning.

To the children of San Juan de Oriente, the local library is the heart of their imagination—a kind of sanctuary where they can let their imaginations soar and read to their heart’s content, guided by Fabretto’s amazing teachers and librarians.

Beyond lending books, the Zach Ciperski Library is also known for its theatrical shows, storytelling, and arts and crafts courses that emphasize teamwork, respect, and a passion for books and nature.

Fabretto Children
Fabretto Children


Every day after school, our Primary Enrichment Program complements childrens’ public school education with activities that focus on reading, math, writing, and socio-emotional development—all of the important skills that young children need to learn and grow!

Through a special focus on reading, this program helps children expand their literacy and critical thinking skills, giving them a foundation that will put them on a path toward future academic and economic success.


Our educational community Center also provides the following facilities and services:

  • Food security and nutrition initiatives
  • Early and primary education programs
  • Community development
  • Parent training
  • A school garden
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