Supporting Education
in Nicaragua

How We Help Public Schools in Nicaragua

Our eight Fabretto Education Centers are vital—but if we want to break the cycle of poverty once and for all, we need to reach more students. With this in mind, and with the help of the Nicaraguan government, we’ve expanded our presence to support over 140 public schools around the country.

Fabretto Children

Partnering with MINED

Fabretto maintains a close partnership with Nicaragua’s Ministry of Education (MINED). The result: improved infrastructure, regular meals, fewer school supply shortages, and a better educational experience for hundreds of young students.

Fabretto Teachers

Teacher Training

Fabretto also coordinates closely with the Ministry of Education to provide training opportunities for preschool and primary teachers. Our teaching workshops focus on innovative ludic methodologies, including technology integration, in order to meet the needs of preschool and primary students. Teachers who voluntarily participate are also trained to pass their knowledge on to their peers—spreading best teaching practices to underserved and rural communities in a cost-effective way.

Fabretto’s Community Outreach

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