Loyalty Circle – Champion Members

10+ years of consecutive giving

Adam and Carla Ciperski
Alexandra and Gonzalo Garcia
Allen and Marcia Hahn
America’s Best Local Charities
Andre Meade
Andrew and Julie Ray
Andrew Herscowitz
Andrew Maner
Anthony and Barbara Calabrese
Barbara Phelan
Barton and Cuc Ford
Ben Powell and Shauna Steele
Bernard and Antonia Bouillette
Beth M. Knobbe
Bill and Carolyn Glastris
Bill Harvey and Jill Arkwright
Bochnowski Family Fund
Boyd Matson and Betty Hudson
Bridget Hennebry
Bridget Hennebry
Bronwyn Poole and Peter Schmitz
Bruce and Jane Kenamore
Carl Marinacci and Barbara Phelan
Carlos and Nancy Mayorga
Carlos and Susan Osorio
Cecilia Mullen
Chris and Leticia Gammill
Chris and Sol Landon
Christopher and Carrie Mitchell
Craig and Terry Weaver
Cross Catholic Outreach
David and Anne Marie Potts
David and Meredith Ficca
David Beam
David Miller
David Rutchik and Selwa Masri-Rutchik
David Shaw and Seena Aras
Ed and Teresa Paquette
Edward and Kelly Chestnut
Edward and Sara Keller
Edward L. and Mary Ann Hocter
Eileen Kamerick
Enrico and Linda Della Corna
Erica Sietsma
Ezulwini Foundation Inc.
Fabio Coelho
Feed My Starving Children
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Francis Rienzo
Frank and Nancy DeMaria
Fred Nash and Kathy Kemme Nash

George and Madeline Long
George Bunch
Gloria Collins and Stephanie Montoya
Greater Houston Community Foundation
Harry and Julie Kraemer
Helen V. Brach Foundation
Herbert Botwinick Fitzgibbon II
Herta Bernhard
Ian and Manon Knox
Indus Capital Partners, LLC.
Isabella and Eric Hochstadt
Jacques and Ineke Hamburger
James and Marilyn Yates
Jane Wells
Janelle Hahn
Janet McDaniel
Jeff and Cindy Coup
Jeff Mullen
Jeff Riley and Heidi Glunz
Jill and Fred James O’Connor
John and Carolyn Bartholdson
John and Gretchen Stevens
John Coyle
John F Maisto
John Lerner and Karen Russo
John Manley
John Mitchell
Jorge Wong-Valle
JPMorgan Chase & Co
Julio and Amy Omana
Katherine Muller
Kathleen F. and Robert Braasch
Ken and Marilyn Cole
Kenneth and Linda Mortenson
Kristin TePas
Kurt Reisenberg and Jen Dryer
Laura Solomon and Maya Solomon-Lane
Lawrence and Maria Elena Fisher
Leigh and Ziv Lalich
Lindsey Joelle Miller Memorial Fund
Marc Schultz and Dayna Winter
Mary Ann Spina
Maureen Previti
Meghan and Daniel Burns
Michael and Brittan Callahan
Michael and Colleen Kennedy
Michael and Elizabeth Keeler
Michael and Elizabeth Paxson
Michelle Sheehy
Mike and Emily Denesha
Moira Murphy

Montgomery and Annie Woods
Nicholas and Kate Stevens
Nick D. Marinacci
Nicolas and Lori Marinacci
Old Saint Patrick’s Church
Otto Aldana and Michael Bland
Patricia Aragones
Patrick and Susan Keefe
Paul and Jeanette Arends
PayPal Giving Fund
Peggy Erickson
Philip and Mary Erdoes
Ralph and JJ Allen
Ralph Martin and Christina Eisenbeis
Rebecca Yorke
Renaat and Susanna Ver Eecke
Richard and Christine Strasser
Robert and Carla Horwitz
Robert and Deborah Callahan
Robert and Deliah Wiedenfeld
Robert and Katherine Klein
Robert and Kathy Johnson
Robert Matthews and Mary Penxa
Rodrigo and Daniela Garcia-Huidobro
Ronald and Jennifer Thompson
Ross and Elizabeth Wilson
Schwab Charitable Fund
Scott Overdyke and Deanna Ford
Scott Shea-Cline
Sean and Jennifer Cunningham
Sean and Stacia Todd
Sean Foley
St. Thomas More Catholic Parish
Stephen and Lisa Schafer
Suzzie and Joe Holtgrieve
Syde Hurdus Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Sylvester and Vicki Schieber
The Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation
The Cellini Family Fund Trust
The Greater Cincinnati Foundation
The T. Rowe Price Program for Charitable Giving, Inc.
Thomas Monahan and Karen McKenna
Timothy and Catherine Keeler
Tin Roof Foundation Inc.
William and Donna Baumgardt
William Bunker and Joanne Kennedy
William Cellini Jr. and Carmen Cantarin
William Eisenbeis
Willie and Abby Lynn Itule

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