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Technical Vocational Education

Fabretto recognizes the need to connect vocational technical training to the world of labor, technological progress, and community development processes in general. For this reason, through the Technical Education Program, Fabretto empowers youth and their families with the necessary skills to develop and sustain their livelihoods that, in turn, allow them to break the cycle of poverty.

In order to make the most of its potential, vocational-technical training at Fabretto is closely linked to the study and adoption of technologies, as well as to the acquisition of practical knowledge, theory, and skills related to economic and social trends, recognizing work experience in itself as a part of learning. In addition, Fabretto has taken a step towards “learning by earning,” linking students and small producers in rural areas to value chains, through its offer of training in entrepreneurship, access to a revolving credit fund, and the formation of strategic alliances with buyers and other actors in value chains such as coffee, chia, and honey.

Program Initiatives:
  • Implementation of SAT and SATec, an alternative program of secondary education and technical training with a focus on Learning by Doing and Learning by Earning for rural youth with limited access to education. The program is based on the internationally renowned methodology called Tutorial Learning System (SAT in Spanish).
  • Technical and vocational courses that allow youth to generate income and contribute to their family’s economy, including courses in beekeeping, entrepreneurship, computing, graphic design, artisanal agroindustry, jewelry-making, and more.
  • Formation of 4-H clubs.
  • Promotion of entrepreneurship initiatives with special support for rural and/or low-income women.
  • English courses, including the implementation of the Access Microscholarship Program, an intensive English course.
  • Creation of community banks and diversified productive initiatives in beneficiary communities.
  • Linking youth and their families to markets and value chains to improve their livelihoods and contribute to the economic development of their communities.
  • Management of a revolving credit fund for small producers and entrepreneurs.
  • Internships in order to facilitate access to work experience and employment opportunities for youth.

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