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Primary Education

Primary education is a fundamental human right, contributing to the mitigation of child labor, as well as allowing individuals to play an active role in society. The goal of the Program is to help primary students from underserved communities develop their full potential through personalized, age-appropriate teaching methodologies. It aims to contribute to the reduction of educational gaps by promoting the development of life skills such as literacy, logical-mathematical reasoning, as well as critical and creative thinking. Through play-based methodologies, Fabretto teachers stimulate the learning process for successfully achieving the next stage of education.

Program Initiatives:
  • After-school enrichment activities that focus on reading, math, writing, and socio-emotional development.
  • Teacher training on play-based, innovative methodologies such as Open Learning.
  • Parent training on strategies to support children’s education, nutrition, and food security.
  • Support with school supplies for public primary schools.
  • Child nutrition support through school meals, food supplements, vitamins, and more.  
  • Literacy promotion through reading clubs, fairs, mobile libraries, among others.
  • Ongoing evaluation of student reading, writing, and mathematical skills.


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