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Early Education

The Early Education program’s objective is to provide children ages 0-6 with the attention, stimulation, and nutrition they need to succeed at the primary level and beyond. The program supports children’s holistic development and early learning, helping children to meet key milestones in accordance with their developmental stage.

Through the program, children from 0 to 6 years of age develop skills in areas of personal and social formation in order to gradually build awareness of their existence as independent persons belonging to a family, a community, and to one world.

Communication is also developed to exchange ideas, feelings, and emotions with others and to encourage the development of cognitive processes that favor learning.

Fabretto aims to promote the transition to the next educational stages for children in vulnerable situations, highlighting the educational role of the family, the community, and the team of teachers who guarantee quality education by participating in extensive training and workshops.

Program Initiatives:
  • Parent training on early stimulation, as well as health and nutrition education, held in homes and community centers.
  • Teacher training on early literacy methodologies.
  • Support with school supplies for rural public preschools.
  • Child nutrition support through school meals, food supplements, vitamins, and more.  

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