Meet Adriana

A year ago, little Adriana’s life was immersed in chaos. Due to the civil and political unrest, her father migrated to Costa Rica. During the most difficult days of the conflict, the two-year-old started to show signs of stress and anxiety. Since then, we have been providing her with food & vitamin supplements, and working with her mother, Teresa, to help stimulate Adriana’s development and bring back her smile.


Infancy is one of the most critical stages of growth and development.
By donating today, you can provide 45 children 0-6 years of age with early childhood education and nutritional support. Help them thrive amidst adversity.


No matter the circumstances, together, we can help children like Adriana
advance from infancy toward and into a healthy childhood.


Children are the future.
Adriana is the future of Nicaragua.
With your help, like a flower, Nicaragua will bloom.


Meet Angela

During the conflict of 2018, Angela’s public school teacher was forced into exile and class was canceled indefinitely. As a response, Fabretto staff raised the bar by keeping our Centers running to provide Angela a safe space to learn, play, and dream in the midst of the crisis. Her new Fabretto teacher is working hard to get Angela back on track with her education while using play-based methodologies to make the transition fun.


Experiences in childhood are important for a child’s lifelong learning.
At Fabretto, no matter the circumstances, we are determined to provide at-risk children like Angela access to an integral education for a blooming future.


Children’s education cannot wait. By donating today, you can help provide 60 children 7-12 years of age with educational resources, a trained teacher, a supportive community, and nutritional support. Help them thrive amidst adversity.


Angela is the future of Nicaragua.
With your help, like a flower, Nicaragua will bloom.


Meet Mariana

During the conflict of 2018 in Nicaragua, Mariana’s parents went into exile and haven’t been able to return. 15-year-old Mariana was left in charge of her two young siblings. She was about to drop out of school to look for a job in the capital when she heard about Fabretto’s rural education program (SAT).


Through SAT, Mariana is learning new agricultural techniques to work the deserted family farm. By practicing a profession typically reserved for men in her community, Mariana is breaking gender stigmas, while making an income and bringing food to the table. With quality education, Mariana and her siblings can withstand adversity and move forward for a blooming future.


No matter the circumstances, like a flower bending in the breeze, Mariana can bloom.


Give education to 45 at-risk adolescents like Mariana.

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