Primary Education

Helping School-Aged Children Thrive

Fabretto helps primary school students from underserved communities reach their full potential and avoid the pitfalls of child labor and generational poverty.

Our teachers are trained extensively in play-based methodologies like Oopen Llearning, continually evaluating children’s progress to make sure they’re meeting important milestones in academics and socio-emotional development. The education gap is one of the biggest barriers that students face, so we meet that challenge head-on by growing their literacy, logical-mathematical reasoning, and critical and creative thinking skills.

In our primary education program, students have access to resources like reading clubs, book fairs, and mobile libraries to help them learn to read and write. Nutritional support at school includes school meals, food supplements, and vitamins—and we also train parents so they’re able to better support children’s education and nutrition at home.

Through a holistic approach to academics, after-school enrichment, and support at home, children will grow the skills they need to be ready for the next stage of life.

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