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Fabretto’s unique educational model has been key to working with high school students and their families through vocational training, which has allowed them to adapt the opportunities available in their rural communities generated by agriculture. In recent years, Fabretto Children’s Foundation identified the need for these farm families to improve their access to markets.

To facilitate better market access for the Foundation’s farming families, the Foundation started an additional for-profit structure called Fabretto Compañía Comercial, S.A., better known as Fabretto Enterprise. In this way, Fabretto Enterprise began to work to guarantee coffee, honey, chia, fruits, crafts, etc. of the highest quality, selling under its own brand, Fabretto Farms, as well as co-branding with other organizations and companies.

The main objective of Fabretto Enterprise is to pay farmers and cooperatives above-market prices and to commercialize their products, showing their stories and transmitting the social impact of the Foundation to clients, as well as individuals, charities, churches and schools in the United States.

Fabretto Enterprise is in the early stages of growth (as is the Fabretto Farms brand) and we need working capital to strengthen our supply chain and develop our business investment in go-to-market efforts.

Our Story

Fabretto Compañía Comercial, S.A. was established in 2011 as a social enterprise that provides access to markets in order to allocate 100% of the profits for the delivery of better educational services for youth and their families belonging to the national network of the Fabretto Foundation in Nicaragua.

We seek specialty coffee (and food) markets in Nicaragua, the United States and Canada by targeting, through our unique partnership model, education-related clients such as student-run cafeterias at renowned universities, corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs of education sector companies, and churches with service components.

Our Impact

Lack of access to financing is one of the development barriers faced by the rural and low-income sectors of Nicaragua. Commercial banks channel financing to the agricultural sector, but these resources are normally absorbed by larger producers, with scale crops or exported.

Based on the aforementioned problem, the organizations: Asociación Familia Padre Fabretto (AFPF) and Fabretto Holding Company S.A. are developing an initiative to facilitate access to financing of resources necessary for production, oriented to the market, aimed at benefiting small producers, cooperatives, youth and families served by AFPF in order to strengthen their productive capacities and link them with high value supply chains.

As of 2018, the credit program for small producers began with the production of beans, coffee, honey and passion fruit with short and medium-term credits in the departments of Madriz (Somoto, San José de Cusmapa, Las Sabanas) and Nueva Segovia (Mozonte, Jalapa, San Fernando, Murra, El Jícaro) and the Autonomous Region of the South Caribbean Coast – RAACS (Nueva Guinea, El Rama and El Ayote). Supporting 493 producers in the areas we serve, over $200,000 has been granted in input credits to farmers working with coffee, passion fruit, pitahaya, beans and beekeeping.

8-22-19  |  Success Story  
BY: Maria Isabel Sacasa

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