12-20-21  |  Our Programs Success Story

Elda: a reflection of your endless support

BY: Fabretto

When Elda finished high school, she had a deep desire to go to college. Although her mother always encouraged her dream, her family’s financial limitations made it quite clear that when the time came, it would not be possible. Her father’s income as a farmer and her mother’s as a housekeeper were not enough to cover her studies.

But Elda never imagined that ten years ago, she would be the first young woman in the community that Belkys, the coordinator of the scholarship program in Tola, would reach out to let her know about a new opportunity that, thanks to Ezulwini Foundation, would allow her to achieve her dream. “Whenever I remember, I start crying because it was something that came to me as a gift from heaven.”

In 2011, she began her teaching career at Ricardo Morales University in Jinotepe. For her, starting was a great challenge because, for the first time, she had to leave the small community of Gigante and live 70 miles away from home for two years. Every month, Elda received 1,050 córdobas, which currently would be about 30 USD, to cover the monthly college tuition and transportation to visit her family every two weeks. But in the midst of it all, she always stayed motivated and excelled each year with the best grades.

“What motivated me was the unconditional support of Ezulwini and Fabretto. I always said I have to give my best because of what they do for me. It is not every day that you hear from someone else: I’ll give you the support you need to complete your studies.”

Eight years later, Elda and her family are a reflection of the endless support of Fabretto’s partners and friends who have changed their lives. This year, her younger brother also graduated from university thanks to the scholarship program sponsored by the Ezulwini Foundation and Fabretto, which after ten years, continues to help young people like Elda fulfill their dreams. Now, she is a teacher at the José Dolores Rivera primary school, which has allowed her to support her mother financially. “She feels great because I succeeded and now that she feels supported by me, she sees a change in me that drives me to move forward.”

This holiday season, your donation will be a reflection of endless opportunities for the underprivileged children, youth, and families that we serve. We count on your continuous support.

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