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Reflect the Power of Education for Jicssell

BY: Grethel Halftermeyer

It’s four in the morning, and Jicssell and her family are ready for a new day. Her mom, dad, and two little brothers work together on the family farm, a small piece of land where they have left sweat and a whole lot of effort, but also where Jicssell has found her passion: agriculture.

The family of five lives in “Las Uvas,” a small municipality near Honduras that had no electricity until three years ago. Like most families in the community, Jicssell’s parents sow corn and beans, part of it for their consumption, and the rest to sell if they get lucky.

Jicssell with her mom, dad, and two little brothers at the family farm.

Even though poverty has been part of their lives, Don Jairo and his wife, Kenia, believe in the power of education. They have both taught their children how to work the land and have encouraged them to continue studying and pursue their dreams no matter what.

For Jicssell, there was no other option than to keep helping her parents with the farm after finishing her long-distance high school education at the only school in the municipality. Due to a lack of information and resources, she did not consider higher education an option; that is until she learned about Fabretto and the SATec program, which offers technical education backed by the National Technical Institute of Nicaragua. She suddenly found herself in a sea of possibilities and in 2021, she enrolled in the first Fabretto course MIPA, or management of agricultural production. Since then, she has finished two courses and is waiting for the next one to open up.

Reflect the Power of Education for Jicssell
Onions and carrots are now part of the new crops at the small farm.

The Fabretto program has helped her and the entire family to have their best year so far. After so many years sowing corn and beans and enduring many difficulties, they have now diversified crops and multiplied their earnings with Fabretto’s assistance and the knowledge Jicssell is putting into practice on the family’s land. And she is now sure she wants to go to college to become an agricultural engineer.

Reflect the Power of Education for Jicssell

The power of education and the support of people like you reflect on young women like Jicssell. Help her pursue her dream.

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