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A Fabretto Child Sponsor Gives More Than Just Education

BY: Fabretto

A Fabretto Child Sponsor Gives More Than Just Education

Every new sponsor joins our program with the simplest idea in mind of what their contribution will mean in a child’s life: quality education. But being a Fabretto child sponsor is so much more than just that! For each sponsored child’s classmates, teachers, and family, just over $1 a day makes a huge difference in their quality of life and future. Most sponsors would never have imagined that every day, they contribute to:

The quality learning of an entire classroom

A sponsored child shares a classroom with around 12 to 15 children, which means that each of them also has a teacher trained in educational methodologies and digital tools to make their learning journey fun and, more importantly, a valuable experience.

The opportunity that every child deserves to succeed


A Fabretto Child Sponsor Gives More Than Just Education

“Today I think that what Fabretto does is the most important thing you can do in life: help others to excel.” Alejandro knew about Fabretto since he was little as he watched his uncle and our CEO, Kevin Marinacci. Seeing his exemplary work up close motivated him to become a Fabretto child sponsor because “just as it was very opportune for me to have opportunities in my life to start my career, I would like to provide the same opportunities to other children of my country.”

Thanks to the support of partners, allies, and even some sponsors, many children like Lester, who one day started primary school in a Fabretto center, today can be the first in their community to go to university and break the cycle of poverty in which they have grown.

A child’s motivation to complete school

Some children have had the opportunity to meet their sponsors in Nicaragua, others through letters, but always, regardless of the channel of communication, the happiness on their faces when receiving a message or gift from their sponsors is unmatched. A Fabretto child sponsor is a child’s long-distance friend, a friend who celebrates their grades, shares their accomplishments, and someone they can count on to help them achieve their dreams.

Like Alejandro and hundreds of people around the world, you too can be a Fabretto child sponsor and experience “the happiness of knowing that you can help create a future for that child,” of giving much more than just education.

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