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For Aurora, Staying Behind is Not an Option

BY: Fabretto

Quality education is a privilege for most Nicaraguan children, and when physical and learning limitations are added to this, the road becomes more difficult.

Aurora Alejandra attends the María Auxiliadora Center in Estelí. Since first grade, her difficulties with literacy and logical-mathematical reasoning put her at a disadvantage with her classmates, resulting in her becoming a shy child. From that moment, working as a team (teachers and parents) was crucial to Aurora’s educational process, as well as implementing strategies that would help her develop her abilities.

With the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic, the new learning-from-home methods demanded much more from her, and to this was added anxiety and malnutrition. The slope that Aurora was beginning to climb became steeper, but together with her mother, María Enriqueta, they decided not to give up. Staying behind was not an option.

“During 2020, Aurora stood out for being a dedicated and responsible student, despite her physical disabilities that affect her sight and mobility,” says her teacher, Maryan.

Speaking and expressing herself very well in public has been one of Aurora’s remarkable achievements. She’s a more active and eloquent girl, which has allowed her to excel in her study group. Even the school librarian describes her as “an attentive student willing to improve.”

Behind the funny purple glasses, there is no longer a shy girl. At just nine years old, it’s surprising how much she enjoys reading and being part of the book club. Would it have been possible without access to educational tools designed to meet her individual needs?

“The constant motivation itself emerged largely from the influence of the socio-family and educational cross-cutting elements, which benefited her highly,” says Maryan. She’s a prime example of academic improvement against all odds.

Give more children like Aurora the opportunity to study in environments that allow them to advance. Allow them to access quality personalized education.

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