7-14-21  |  Our Programs Success Story

To be Someone in Life

BY: Grethel Halftermeyer

There is one thing José David and his younger brother José Angel are clear about; they want to be someone in life.

José David graduated from the SAT Program (Tutorial Learning System) in 2020 in the Fabretto Center located in San Isidro de Bolas, a semi-rural area of Managua. He remembers his graduation day with joy; his mother, father, and brothers were there, cheering him on with pride. He was the first in his family to graduate from high school, so it was a considerable accomplishment for all of them.

On the other hand, his younger brother, José Angel, is currently studying his 4th year of the SAT program at the Fabretto Center and is getting closer to his goal: finish high school and enrolling in university to become an accountant. “I’ve been here since the first year of high school, and it has been a success. I like everything about the program because I’m getting the knowledge I need to start my career,” says José Angel.

The boys’ parents couldn’t even finish primary school, but they know they want something different for their children. “My mom and dad tell me they want me to accomplish what they couldn’t, that’s why I was so happy to graduate. The next step is to finish university and be prepared for what comes next,” says José David.

After graduating from high school, José David started studying telecommunications on Saturdays and works as a gardener the rest of the week to afford university expenses. He never misses one day of school because he thinks opportunities are there to take and don’t come very often. That’s one piece of advice he took from his teacher Ana Bell, who always encouraged him to finish high school despite the challenges that the pandemic brought to all students in 2020.

Thanks to trained teachers, dedicated parents, and access to quality education, today, José David and José Angel have goals they can reach to break the cycle of poverty in their family. Today, they have the opportunity to be someone in life.

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