6-1-21  |  Program Achievements Success Story

Imagining a Better Future For David

BY: Grethel Halftermeyer

David, a third-grader from rural Cusmapa, is one of our students who lives in a community so remote that not even cell phone service reaches his home. One afternoon in April 2020, his teacher, Rosa Amelia, explained to his parents that in-person classes were canceled and that they would begin distance learning as one of a series of protocols meant to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

David felt like he was leaving his nest; that magical space in which he played, learned, sang, and laughed. But his love for education and the constant support of Rosa Amelia and his parents motivated him to continue studying from home.

For David’s parents, the term “distance learning” was new and scary. They did not have a cell phone or internet to access online classes, nor did they feel prepared to support David adequately because of their own limited education. In response, Fabretto teachers quickly developed and designed printed study guides to be distributed door-to-door.

Every time his teacher came to his home to drop off a new study guide, David’s eyes lit up. His afternoon routine began by working through his study guide, which integrated activities like songs, stories, and crafts using recycled materials available at home. In turn, Rosa Amelia helped David’s parents become important partners in their child’s education.

“David’s parents were always willing to do anything needed to ensure their child would continue his education. We visited him every week, following all of the established biosafety protocols.”

Could you imagine learning without access to internet these days? Children like David teach us that it is possible. Despite the challenges of distance learning, he finished school with one of the best grade averages in his class.

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