4-8-21  |  Our Programs Success Story

María Ofelia: A Story of Resilience in the Midst of Uncertainty

BY: Nery Montenegro

María Ofelia and her twin sister María José are the oldest of 4 siblings. In 2018, she enrolled at the Fabretto Education Center in the community of San Isidro de Bolas, Managua. Even though her previous school was located closer to her, her mom decided to enroll her in the SAT Program when she was about to start 9th grade because she felt that here, she would receive quality technical education. 

However, she couldn’t have imagined the new challenges that 2020 would bring during her last year of high school. 

“In the beginning, I was very motivated because it was my senior year. Later, in April, at the center, they told us we would have to stay home for one month because of the pandemic. But then it was 2, 3, and 4 months, until we had to finish the school year via online classes.”  

At first, online classes were a little complicated for Ofelia since she didn’t know much about e-learning platforms and didn’t have access to a computer. Despite the challenges, she joined classes on her cell phone. At the same time, she received a lot of support from her teacher, who used to explain in detail how to use the platform and other apps that could be useful to complete the homework assignments. In addition, she and her sister received support from Fabretto, who provided internet data for their cell phones to ensure access to online classes.

Even though studying online was a drastic change, María Ofelia managed to graduate from the SAT Program in 2020 with an average of 95. As a bonus, she learned how to use e-learning platforms and other digital resources to enrich her knowledge. 

Although her parents only graduated from high school, they want Ofelia and her siblings to continue their studies and become professionals.

“Graduating from the SAT Program meant a lot to me and my family. Although I didn’t know much about how to take online classes, the more I improved, the more motivated I felt. Everything I learned turned out to be very useful since, at university, all courses require digital platforms. It was very productive to learn how to take online classes, use new digital tools, and learn how to turn in assignments.” 

Today, María Ofelia is studying the first year of veterinary medicine at the National Central University (UCN) in Managua, and on the weekends, she works. With the income, she is saving to buy her first lab coat for her university classes. She dreams of continuing her studies, graduating from veterinary medicine in order to open her own clinic, and learning English. 

There is no doubt that having access to quality education can transform an entire family’s reality. You can help other youth like María Ofelia to fulfill their dreams and have a better future.

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