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Sponsorship = Motivation

BY: Grethel Halftermeyer

When Patricia was told that her son Peter would be sponsored, her heart swelled with joy. The 4-year-old at that time had just entered the Fabretto center in San Juan de Oriente.

“When I told my husband that our little boy would be sponsored, we were very happy because we realized that someone in another country who doesn’t even know him loves our son and is interested in his well-being, just like we are,” Patricia shares.

Patricia is originally from San Juan de Oriente. In addition to being a housewife, she dedicates herself to handcrafting and selling pottery. In 2020, Patricia assumed a new role as a teacher when distance learning began due to the pandemic. For Peter and other children, it was not easy to get used to this new method. Still, his mother’s love, his sponsor, and his teachers’ follow-up were the greatest motivation to give his best in each class.

Peter is currently 7 years old. Although he has not personally met her, he enjoys maintaining communication with his sponsor through letters. Patricia recalls that when Peter received the first letter from Angela, his sponsor in the US, the family was going through a difficult time. That letter was a great comfort to them when they needed it most.

Besides having a sponsor, Peter benefits from quality education and a place where he has developed responsibility and punctuality. Patricia appreciates the love with which the teachers treat the children. She sees in Fabretto the perfect ally so that little Peter is always motivated and can have a bright future.

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