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Sponsorship = Happiness

BY: Fabretto

It is 11:30 am and 5-year-old Katherine is eager to get to Carita Feliz. Today, they are serving fresh beans, plantain chips, and salad for lunch and she is eager to see her friends. María Auxiliadora, her grandmother, helps her get ready for school and together, the pair walk to Fabretto’s newest education center.

After lunch, Katherine happily joins her preschool class. She and her classmates proudly wear their orange uniforms, which indicate they are the oldest children in the school. The colorful classroom is emptier than usual. In order to continue to reach as many children as possible in times of COVID-19, the school has implemented two shifts, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. But education goes on and, in this and every Fabretto center, learning through music and play makes for a joyful learning experience.

“I make a living selling tortillas and nacatamales. Being able to count on Fabretto’s helping hand and my granddaughter’s sponsors during these difficult times is a real blessing,” shares María Auxiliadora.

Katherine is sponsored by Carl, who lives in Evanston, Illinois . She enjoys sending Carl drawings and dreams of meeting him some day. To her family, being sponsored means that Katherine can have access to quality education, a healthy school meal, and personalized follow-up throughout her educational journey at Carita Feliz, which translates to Happy Face.

On International Day of Happiness, we invite you to bring happiness and hope to a child in Nicaragua through sponsorship.

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Located in the colonial town of Granada, only a few blocks from Lake Cocibolca, Carita Feliz was founded by Danish entrepreneur and philanthropist Peder Kolind in 2001. After his death in 2015, Meylin, the center director, was afraid the center doors would have to close forever. However, the Kolind Family was committed to seeing Peder’s legacy live on, so they reached out to Fabretto for help in 2017. As the newest member of the Fabretto family, today, Carita Feliz continues to thrive with Meylin at the helm.

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