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Why we decided to sponsor a child in Nicaragua

BY: Alicia y Santi


Hello, we are Santi and Alicia, and a month ago, we decided to sponsor a child with Fabretto.

We have always had the concern of contributing, to a greater or lesser extent, our grain of sand in causes that can improve or help the lives of people going through difficult situations.

Thanks to our friend Gemma, we met Fabretto. We often thought about being able to sponsor a child. Still, the truth is that you never stop trusting that your contribution is really reaching those who need it most. She was lucky enough to live the experience of volunteering with Fabretto. She told us about how Fabretto helps the children with their education and trains them to have a better future in their country.

When Christopher, our sponsored child, sent us his first letter, it was fascinating. We were aware of the many good things that have made this decision will bring us.

Participating in one of these children’s education seemed fabulous to us since we know that our efforts will improve his life and his country.

We are fortunate to have grown up in an environment rich in options and possibilities. We love being able to give Christopher the option of choosing his own future.

You, too, can transform the future of a child in Nicaragua through sponsorship.

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