12-18-20  |  Our Programs Success Story

The Joy of Being Given a Chance

BY: Grethel Halftermeyer

What happens when a little one is given a chance to access education and nutrition?

For Yadier, it all began when he was 4 years old and he started Preschool at the Fabretto Center in Estelí. From there, he embarked on a journey of hope, learning, and emotional development.

child studying at classroom

Despite their humble origins, Yadier’s parents were willing to give their children the quality education they were not fortunate to have. Without the financial resources to pay for a private school, they found hope in Fabretto, where they had the chance to enroll their two children in the educational programs.

Even in the most challenging moments, Don Arnoldo, Yadier’s father, has been able to felt supported by Fabretto. During the pandemic, face-to-face classes were canceled, which was a great challenge for the whole family. Yadier’s parents work long hours and do not have much time to help Yadier with his homework. Still, thanks to the constant monitoring and advice of the Fabretto teachers, they made a great effort to become more involved in their child’s education. Although Yadier has gradually returned to face-to-face classes, Don Arnoldo is attentive to every detail in Yadier’s education. He speaks with his son’s teachers daily, participates in workshops for parents, and supports the Fabretto Center whenever he can.

student studying with his father

Thanks to people like you, the support that Yadier has received goes beyond education. The nutritious lunch he gets at the center, and the sponsorship program has made a difference in his academic performance and school retention. The little one is grateful every day for his parents and for his sponsor, who have been fundamental pillars in his development.

Yadier is an excellent example of what quality education and sponsorship can accomplish. This holiday season, give a child in Nicaragua a chance for a better future.

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