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Perseverance – 2019 Annual Report

BY: Kevin Marinacci, CEO

As I reflect on my past 30 years with Fabretto, one theme that keeps coming to mind is the extraordinary perseverance and resilience that is so characteristic of the Nicaraguan people. 2018 was difficult for this country and although 2019 was still wrought with challenges, it was also filled with opportunities and achievements.

Thanks to the support of both institutional and individual donors, 2019 reflects a significant leap in program achievements. Although Nicaragua continues to struggle with the effects of the recent socio-economic crisis, through the implementation of innovative education initiatives, attendance and retention rates increased dramatically in 2019. UEFA Foundation’s Play to Learn project, the use of technology and blended learning in our rural education program (SAT), and the continued training and dedication of our teachers are just a few of the initiatives that contributed to motivating students to persevere through the entire school year.

In 2019, we celebrated the first graduating class of our SAT Program in the Autonomous Region of the South Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua (RACCS), one of the most remote regions we serve. These extraordinary students traveled great distances and overcame immense obstacles to finish the 5-year program.

We also honor Lester (featured on the front cover), a student who has been in our sponsorship program since elementary school and has now become the first in his community to go to university. His perseverance and commitment to education are a true inspiration to us, the children in his community, and beyond.

Thank you for helping la Familia Fabretto persevere and progress.

Kevin Marinacci


Fabretto 2019 Annual Report
Vicente Baquedano

*We dedicate this Annual Report to all those who paved the way for the organization that we are today, especially Vicente Baquedano, who passed away after more than 30 years of service.

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