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Father Fabretto – A Legacy of Love

BY: Grethel Halftermeyer

On July 8, 1920, Rafael María Fabretto Michieli was born in Italy. 28 years later, he would arrive in Nicaragua, now Father Fabretto. The young priest began his mission in Granada, teaching in private Salesian schools. However,  when he saw so much suffering generated by the poverty that prevailed, he followed a call that took him out of the classroom and led him to his true mission, a labor of love for the most disadvantaged people from Nicaragua.

He had nothing but the hope to change lives; he had humility, and the ability to serve wherever and whenever. He transformed entire communities, gave love, shelter, and food to those most in need, and became a tireless shepherd to his sheep. Thousands of youngsters and children who called him “dad” learned from him the power of service, work, and love for God.

Father Fabretto taking a well-deserved break.

100 Years After His Birth, We Celebrate his Legacy of Love

When Father Fabretto first set foot on Nicaraguan land, he did not imagine that many years later his legacy would be more alive than ever. The humble oratorios he once built still stand in the teachers who serve children each day with the same love and spirit of service, the students who grow to become servant leaders in their own communities, and in the committed supporters who work together towards the same goal, transforming the future one child at a time.

It is thanks to his legacy of love and hope that Fabretto has benefited more than 50,000 children and youth in the last year. Each and every one of them knows the story of Rafael María Fabretto; they are all Fabretto.

Thank you, Father Fabretto; your love is our legacy, your example is our inspiration.

The extraordinary story of Father Fabretto and his work in Nicaragua will be captured in a documentary; you can watch the trailer here.

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