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4 ways to contribute to SDG4

BY: Grethel Halftermeyer

What is SDG4?

Sustainable Development Goal number 4 is part of the “2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development” proposed by the UN in 2015. The agenda includes 17 goals to help societies take the road to a future where everyone’s lives can improve.

SDG4 focuses on quality education, aiming to ensure inclusive, equitable and quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.

At Fabretto, we believe that education is the foundation for children, youth and entire communities to reach their full potential. While carrying out our programs, we have witnessed the power of education to change everything.

On the International Day of Education, we celebrate 4 ways in which Fabretto has been able to contribute to the fulfillment of SDG4:

Equitable, free and quality education

Education is a fundamental human right and everyone must have access to it. For education to have good results, it must be quality education. Through innovative teaching processes and the participation of parents and community leaders, we have seen positive and relevant results in the more than 40,000 children and adolescents who benefit from our programs.


Early Education

The first 1,000 days in a child’s life determine the basis for the next stages of their development. In developing countries like Nicaragua, early education ensures higher enrollment rates in primary education.

Through our early education program, we contribute to the development of skills that favor learning and prepare children for the next stages of their education and life.


Rural Technical Education

In rural Nicaragua, young people face great barriers in their training, access to technical or higher education is little or almost nil in the most remote communities, which prevents them from breaking the cycle of poverty in which they live.

Thanks to our SAT (Tutorial Learning System) Program, we can offer quality education to youth and adults directly in their communities. The program adapts to the rural context and promotes the learning of skills to achieve sustainable development.


Qualified and Trained Teachers

Teachers play an important role in childhood development and must have in their hands the right tools and resources to create an enabling environment in which students feel safe and free to be able to comment, talk about their feelings, and learn.

A trained teacher can transform the future, one child at a time. That is why we constantly train our teachers in methods such as Montessori or open learning to promote an active learning pedagogy.

We believe that SDG4 is one of the most important sustainable development goals and the momentum of all countries is necessary for the objectives it proposes to be achieved. We need to work together for the common good of our communities so that no one is left behind and everyone can reach their full potential.

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