12-5-19  |  Success Story

Fabretto’s Scholarship Program in Tola Celebrates 3 New Graduates

BY: Wendy Ferrufino

On Friday, November 29, the Hispanic-American University (Uhispam) headquarters in Rivas celebrated its 18th graduating class. A total of 106 students received their Bachelor’s degree, among them three students who benefited from Fabretto’s scholarship program in Rivas.

Fabretto’s scholarship program currently benefits 70 students who receive financial support so that they can go to college and obtain a professional degree. In Rivas, young people from the municipality of Tola have access to this program thanks to the support of the Ezulwini Foundation. They, together with Fabretto support 30 students from Tola, a town for which they feel great affection.

Of the 30 beneficiaries of these scholarships in Rivas, three of them are Roberto García, Belkis Pietro and Yosselyn Bonilla, recent graduates in the Bachelor of the schools of Tourism, Hospitality, and Psychology, respectively.

The journey has not been easy for these young professionals because, at some point in their lives, they thought that their studies would end with secondary school. “Being granted a scholarship was something wonderful. Because my parents are poor, and I was unable to afford higher education, with the scholarship, I could finally dream of going to college,” shared Belkis Pietro, one of the graduates.

The graduation celebration was held in a hall filled with family and graduates. Their faces reflected both pride and nostalgia for all the experiences and learning opportunities they had along the way. Roberto García, another of the young graduates said that “My life was changed, not only because the scholarship meant financial support, but also because the experience changed me as a person; it allowed me to understand that, as difficult as the road may be, with perseverance, I can achieve anything. ”

“Being granted a scholarship was a great help because, thanks to my sponsors, I was no longer delayed in my monthly payments, and I was able to finish my studies,” says Yosselyn Bonilla.  

Today, Nicaragua has three new professionals who are ready to contribute, through work in psychology and tourism, to the development of the country. Congratulations!

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