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Fabretto Participates in FAO’s Annual Plenary in Rome

BY: Fabretto

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To commemorate World Food Day, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations held its 46th Committee on World Food Security (CFS46), October 14 – 18 in Rome, Italy. Following the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Summit held in New York, CFS46 is the first major global meeting on food security and nutrition. This year’s plenary focused on accelerating progress on SDG 2–Zero Hunger–to achieve all SDGs.  

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Over a thousand CFS delegates from around the world engaged in a reflection on SDG 2 good practices, including reflections from the UN Special Rapporteur on Right to Food, the Representative of the UN Secretary-General, FAO Director-General, among others. Fabretto CEO, Kevin Marinacci, participated in a panel discussion on multistakeholder partnerships to finance and improve food security and nutrition. “For a partnership to succeed it needs to be bigger than the sum of its parts. This is especially true when it is aimed at advancing the development agenda.” – Kevin Marinacci.

©FAO/Giulio Napolitano. Copyright ©FAO.

While there have been steps to achieving SDG 2, SOFI 2019 reports that world hunger has been on the rise since 2015 and is now back to levels seen in 2010-2011. The latest data reports 11% of the world population – just over 800 million people – were exposed to severe levels of food insecurity in 2018. As a response, the Committee agreed on a 4-year program that has been developed to reflect the priorities set by CFS stakeholders for tackling hunger and malnutrition and spurring the achievement of the SDGs.

“[I am] proud to have led the Committee on World Food Security to historic success. A record number of delegates from governments and other stakeholders agreed on a roadmap to Zero Hunger based upon the human right to food, nutrition, gender, youth, innovations, and sustainability.” – Mario Arvelo, Chairman of CFS.

By teaching underserved students in Nicaragua about sustainable agriculture and the environment, as well as creating strategic partnerships to provide nutritional support to at-risk children, Fabretto contributes to the achievement of SDG 2.  Join us.


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