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Promoting Hygiene Techniques and Healthy Eating in Preschools and Elementary Schools

BY: Beatriz Soto

Nutritious dishes prepared by parents.

The Project Nourishing the Future, in coordination with the Nica-Salud Network, developed a series of awareness workshops on proper handwashing techniques, water sanitation, the importance of eating healthy and the effects of climate change aimed at girls and boys in schools located in the municipalities of Masaya, Chichigalpa, Chinandega and Tipitapa.

These activities are part of the communication strategy of the Project Nourishing the Future, sponsored by Cargill and CARE and implemented by Fabretto in Nicaragua, through which it seeks to influence behavioral changes in consumer habits and hygiene in order to impact the food security of primary and pre-school children and their families.

The sessions were accompanied by a tour of “The Blue Bus”, film forums, and food fairs, in which new nutritious recipes were shared, and 1,825 pre-school and primary education students, teachers and community leaders participated.

“The Blue Bus” has three fully equipped compartments: the first one shows the visitors a video, where the main character “Limpito” explains the importance of handwashing and a step by step of how to do it properly. In the second compartment, children begin the handwashing process, putting into practice the techniques shown in the video. The third compartment develops the dynamic “the healthy plate” facilitated by students of Nutrition of the National Autonomous University of Nicaragua.

At the food fairs, the children enjoyed a variety of delicious and nutritious dishes, including fruit skewers,  soy-based foods, jocote leaf refreshments, among other foods. Teacher Rosa Pastrán thanked Cargill for making all of this possible through the Project Nourishing the Future, in alliance with CARE and Fabretto. Thanks to the project,  26 schools are being benefited in the municipalities of Ticuantepe, Nindirí, Masaya, Tipitapa, Chichigalpa.

Boys and girls practicing proper hand washing techniques inside the Blue Bus.

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