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Telefónica empowers Fabretto students through training

BY: Fabretto

Every Saturday during the month of August, the Telefónica Volunteers team developed theoretical and practical workshops to teach 36 students from Fabretto’s Domingo Savio Education Center how to repair cell phones. This education center is located in the San Isidro de Bolas community in Managua.  

Telefónica volunteers and students during workshop. / Photo : Telefónica workshop

“We reached out to Fabretto and offered to work together on a program, where students could learn to repair cell phones and spark their curiosity of learning technology. They thought it was a great idea and that is how, in partnership with the Movistar technical service, we specifically selected these students,” explains María José Argüello, Social Programs Specialist at Fundación Telefónica Nicaragua.

These workshops, developed within the framework of Fundación Telefónica Nicaragua and Fabretto Foundation, aim to provide young people with one more tool for their professional development. On the other hand, Katherine Hernández, student assisting these sessions, mentions that she has always liked to take apart cell phones and sees this learning opportunity as one that she can benefit from later on in life.

The methodology used is learning by doing, with dynamics and simple tests that  allow young people to learn a fairly technical content in an easy and motivating way. This is one of the main challenges for the Movistar volunteers. “I like their methodology, it is much easier to learn in a more dynamic way,” explains student Michael Sotelo.

This learning experience is part of the technical and vocational training program promoted by the Fabretto Foundation. Through this initiative, young people from the most disadvantaged areas of the country improve their income and break the cycle of poverty. It also strengthens employability and their future income. Other courses that are facilitated in the framework of the SAT program are graphic design, computer technology, administration, entrepreneurship, advanced excel, English, costume jewelry and agricultural education (Tutorial Learning System SAT).


Photo credit: Telefónica


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