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What are YOU doing to Save Water?

BY: Virginia Daboub

Nicaragua, home to one of the largest tropical rainforests in Latin America, is facing an environmental crisis due to an increase in deforestation. With the expansion of agriculture, many small farmers have cut down massive amounts of trees in order to make room for crops and cattle-grazing.  In 2010, 37.5% of Nicaragua’s land mass consisted of forested areas. In just 5 years, this area was reduced to 25.9% (World Bank). These sustained deforestation practices have in turn led to other environmental crises, such as a dramatic decrease in the availability of water sources during the dry season and an increase in the prevalence of floods and landslides during the rainy season.

Fabretto helps alleviate this crisis with a hands-on approach, by assisting with sustainable projects that bring awareness to the need for water. Through Fabretto’s SAT program, Fabretto works alongside the youth of many communities in dire need of water to help replenish the dry land, especially in the dry corridor of Nicaragua. These young adults have seen firsthand how the massive deforestation in their surrounding communities has led to the drying up of rivers, lakes, and even natural springs.  For many of them whose families depend on the resource for agriculture, the lack of water represents an obstacle with no solution.

Community service is also an integral part of the SAT Program.  As part of this initiative, students organize reforestation campaigns and community cleanups. The young adults have seen how their efforts to reforest their surroundings has brought an increase of groundwater to the area. Where once burst an open spring that in recent years seemed dry, now flows a steady stream. The SAT Program also encourages young environmental promoters to go out to their neighboring communities to raise awareness about the importance of taking care of the environment by limiting logging practices, reducing waste, recycling and whenever possible, farming sustainably and organically.

On this World Water Day, we try to bring awareness to the resource many of us take for granted. Fabretto recognizes more than ever the importance of water for poverty reduction and sustainable development and strives to protect our environment by educating our future.  

You can support Fabretto’s SAT program and contribute to a better future by making a donation today.






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