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Ever: From Cusmapa to Tokyo

BY: Elena Aldecoa

Ever was born in the small town of San José de Cusmapa, located in the mountainside of northern Nicaragua, where families traditionally practice subsistence farming. When he was just a child, education seemed like a luxury and the thought of traveling out of Nicaragua was just a mere dream impossible to reach.

But his life would take an unexpected turn when he joined Fabretto’s education programs. At the age of 8, he became a sponsored child, and managed to graduate with honors from Fabretto’s SAT Program, an alternative to secondary education. Thanks to his perseverance and his enthusiasm to continue studying, he also received a university scholarship through Fabretto. After earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Teaching, Fabretto offered him the opportunity to join the team of SAT tutors. Throughout his years with SAT, he learned new farming techniques to diversify and improve local production, conducted soil studies, and acquired entrepreneurial skills. His natural talent and determination has earned other’s praise and respect.

Ever with SAT students in the soil laboratory of Quebrada Honda.

As part of a program financed by the Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF) and the Japan Special Fund for Poverty Reduction (JPO), today Ever is responsible for the Fabretto Soil Laboratory and coordinates all the agricultural initiatives of the SAT program in the community of Quebrada Honda, Las Sabanas. At the age of 26, he is proud of everything he has achieved so far and shows great enthusiasm for the future. “Just as Fabretto helped me when I was a child, I am motivated to help young people in my community. I want to give back! ” In 2017, Ever’s commitment to his community motivated him to run across Nicaragua (over 300 miles) along Fabretto volunteer, Peter Tasker in order to raise funds for Fabretto’s education programs.

Ever (center) arriving at Fabretto’s Main Office in Managua, celebrating their first 90 miles!

The effort and dedication of Ever has also been recognized internationally. A few months ago he received the news of having been selected and invited to participate in a course implemented by the Japanese Cooperation Agency (JICA) on Action Plans for rural communities. The big surprise was when he was informed that the course would be held in Tokyo, Japan, and that he was the person chosen to represent Nicaragua. “This is something I never would have expected!” said the SAT tutor. During the  weeks prior to his trip, he spent time learning a bit of Japanese. After months of preparation (and countless farewells), last Saturday, he finally undertook the long trip to Tokyo.

When he returns, Ever hopes to continue sharing his knowledge with the community to help improve the local economy. For this young agent of change, nothing in life is impossible. That is why he dreams of a better future for all children and youth who, like him, deserve access to quality education. Today, we recognize Ever’s story of hope, which is a clear example of how education is transforming lives in Nicaragua.

To support rural youth in Nicaragua through education, please consider making a contribution today.

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